What does it mean to be a Champion?

To the Cubs at Four Corners Elementary, a Champion is someone who shows courage and honor, has a positive attitude, strong motivation and perseverance, integrity, optimism and most of all, never gives up!

Derived from the song “Champion” by Carrie Underwood, Four Corners highlights a different character trait of a Champion each month in a Parade of Champions through the hallways while everyone cheers and claps.

Students become Champions by displaying the Character Trait of the Month, by displaying the school’s behavioral expectations, or by reaching the school’s goal for excellent attendance.

As part of the district’s Every Day 24J attendance campaign, all of our schools are working hard to address barriers to attendance.

This year, Four Corners has a goal of reaching a schoolwide attendance rate of 95 percent. Since the start of the school year, Four Corners has been trending towards that goal with record breaking attendance!

Four Corners had its first Parade of Champions in October with 250 students recognized for their excellent attendance. That number jumped to 430 students in November.

Four Corners currently has a schoolwide attendance rate of almost 95 percent. All grades have above 90 percent attendance, and 5th-graders have an impressive 97 percent attendance rate!

Four Corners counselor Kimberly Siegrist says students recognized as Champions are succeeding despite the difficult challenges they face in life, and their hard work needs to be celebrated.

We are proud to celebrate the Four Corners Cubs for the hard work students and their families have put into their education this school year. Congratulations!