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Car Line Expectations & Late Arrival

Smiling woman and child with a backpack are in a car.

Hello Four Corners Families, 

Friendly reminder for families dropping off in the car line. 

Regular Arrival Time

Car line drop-off is open from 7:30am-7:48am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and 8:30am-8:48am on Wednesday mornings. 

School starts at 7:50am with the exception of late start Wednesday at 8:50am. This means our staff and students should be ready to start their day of learning at that time. To ensure that instruction time starts promptly, our car line closes at 7:48am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 8:48am on Wednesdays. 

Late Arrival

If you are pulling up to the car line after this time, please pull forward to the front of the school and park your car in the bus lane or our visitor parking.

For safety purposes, please get out of your vehicle with your student to check them into the school office. Parents/guardians need to sign-in their students when they arrive late to school.

Our office staff will do their best to get your students to class as quickly as possible, but we do ask that students are checked in, to ensure they are not marked absent for the day. 

Thank you, Four Corners families, for following our late arrival procedures. 

Car Line Expectations

Staff start unloading cars at 7:28am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. 

8:28am on Wednesday.

  • Remain in your car.
  • Pull all the way forward, following the directions of the staff members directing traffic, so we can unload multiple cars at once.
  • Have your children ready to exit the car as quickly as possible.
  • If you need additional time to unbuckle, your child isn’t ready, or your doors have the child lock, pull into a visitor spot so that the line can continue to move.
  • Have patience! As the weather has started to turn to the rainy season, there has been an increase in the number of cars in the line in the morning and that means an increase in time you may have to wait.